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Posts tagged with ‘Mujjo’

  • Fathers Day Gift Idea: The Mujjo Mac Book Case

    By tfnow on May 16, 2016
    Fathers Day is coming and we have a gift idea for tech sleek dads. Introducing an intuitive and unique way to carry the 12” Macbook.
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  • Mujjo iPad mini Sleeve

    By Tyrone Farley on August 17, 2013


    The Mujjo iPad mini Sleeve is a blend of fashion and functionality for your iPad.  Let’s face the truth, mobile devices are here to stay and making them look good and protecting them is just as important.  This snug tailored sleeve is something you will love to carry and protect your iPad with wherever you go.

    If you’re a fashionista that loves to look good wherever you go, like say, upcoming New York Fashion Week, then you’ll want to get your hands on one of these elegant sleeves.  Speaking of getting your hands on these, I”ll be fashionably carrying mine around by inserting the palm of my hand through the front strap that is used with the flap on the front.


    The simple closure with a flap and strap with a left and right rivet on the front, is made from genuine leather and is such a beautiful minimal accent.   The body of the sleeve is made from 100% wool felt that is both sustainable and renewable.  The fabric is soft to the touch which can be easily cleaned and has a special treatment that makes it water repellent. The Dutch craftsmanship of this beauty is sized at 280mm x 203mm x 15mm, and though it’s made to fit the iPad, you can also carry documents, your artistic sketch book or even a runway show program or fashion week invite.


    We all know that there are tons of accessories for mobile devices on the market but this sleek hand crafted Mujjo iPad mini Sleeve is everything you’ll love.  By the way, there are other color options too if white is not your first color choice which you can check out at Mujjo.  This white Mujjo iPad sleeve from the Originals Collection will only cost you approximately $59 and you’ll be happy with your choice.

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