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Lil Nas X is gay and the world is in admiration! @LilNasX #LilNasX

Lil Nas X EP

Lil Nas X’s overnight success is historic and as if that wasn’t enough, on June 30th 2019 the final day of NYC and San Francisco’s Gay Pride celebrations, he tweeted this:

Lil Nas X tweet

Twitter went positively wild and supported him. Some began analyzing everything hes done musically lyrically to try to understand how they missed the other encryptions. Lil Nas X however is getting the last laugh because his stardom and fame is getting bigger by the day. His impact on music and his honesty for being who he is alone is admirable and we have not even begun to talk about his cowboy fashion style image. Bringing awareness to cowboy fashion and the history of African Americans and cowboys is something perhaps many might learn later if Lil Nas X decides to even bring it up somehow, with one of his tweets, songs or interviews.


In the meantime, here are some of our favorite fashion moments thus far from the Lil Nas X craze thats happening.

Fashion Nova Presents

Lil Nas X June 2019





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