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Fashion Runway Royalty With @TenthStreetHats

Tenth Street Hats 2

Fall is upon us which means it’s time to break out the autumn wardrobe, accessories included. At Tenth Street Hats that means wide-brimmed and wool felt hats in black, deep blue’s, and burgundy.

Meghan Markle is said to love her signature hat almost as much as she loves Prince Harry. And with fashion season here, jet-setting from New York to London to Milan and Paris,  you’ll want to look your best.

Tenth Street Hats 1

My favorite is the Bristol by Scala which is not an ordinary fedora. I love it and I’ll be sporting it everyday this fall because it just fits my classic style. Scala’s winter season crushable, water-repellent wool felt is as utilitarian as it is fashionable. The pinched shape is the classic of all classics, and you’ll find yourself tipping your brim regularly before long.

Tenth Street Hats 3

Tenth Street Hats has been family owned and operated since 1921, so we know the value of tradition. Our men’s and women’s hats are handmade the good ol’ fashioned way – with the best materials, people and partnerships. We also know the value of aesthetic,

There are also many, many other options for men and women, as we get ready for the most fabulous time of the year from Tenth Street Hats  which you can check out HERE.



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