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Harlem Fashion Week: Next Level World SS17 Collection


The Next Level World SS17 Collection at Harlem Fashion Week  was called ‘Fire and Sapphire.’  What is a Ying without a Yang? What’s hydrogen without oxygen? What is a black without a white? What is a body without a soul? Like life itself, new creations are born when opposites are pitted against one another.

For this year’s theme at Next Level World, we want to bring fashion and art to the realms of experimenting with fire and water i.e., by contrasting red hot burning passion to aquatic cool blue sensation to create the ultimate runway synthesis: Fire and Sapphire.  As two of the most essential elements of the universe, fire and water have consistently fluctuated between harmony and conflict, from enveloping the world in burning flame, to nourishing it in refreshing, cooling streams.

In Next Level World, we want to explore the greatest fight of the century through urban sportswear, haute couture formal-wear and everyday casual. Here is a sample of our fiery Hell suit, lines with a cool royal blue lapel.

The runway show at Harlem Fashion Week starting consisted of looks that imbue the fiery spirit of the Eastern Buddha, who sits peacefully as calm as a running stream.  At the show raging flame meets its adversary with underwater scenes featured in garments, such as the Aqua Dress. Fire then launches its counterattack with furor with a female combination piece of ‘hot’ pants and a jacket, and a flaming jacket burning with a scene of the anxiety of age.

Incorporating an Eastern influence, the water element continues its offensive with calming scenes of koi easing the choleric tensions of the battle, with kimono jackets and asymmetrical cut dresses bringing brief respite to the raging storm. Yet this short peace quickly comes to an end as tempestuous fire makes a surprise attack with a suit depicting hellish fire. Check out some of the looks from the collection and let us know your favorite/s.


Photo Credits: Ken Watson(Phodasity)/Harlem Fashion Week/Next Level World



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