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Ix Style Water For Children + Huarache Sandals

IX Style huarache sandals

Ix (pronounced “eye ex”) is a charitable fashion company that sells huarache sandals, Mayan handbags and jewelry made by artisans in Guatemala. Ix is the Mayan word for water. For every purchase, we donate to provide clean drinking water to children in Guatemala where my family is originally from.

“I was inspired to help after seeing the once beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala that I swam in as a child overrun with blue green algae and a new generation of children collecting the contaminated water to drink. NASA called it one of the worst natural disasters to occur in our lifetime. You could see the contamination from space.” – Francesca Kennedy – Founder of IX Style

IX_b_wikat_sandals_04_1024x1024Black & White Ikat Woven Huarache Sandals

IX_Gladiator_sandals_02_1024x1024Gladiator Woven Leather Huarache Sandals

Photos Source: ix-style.com



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