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Beyonce Fashion Moments From ‘Lemonade’ We Love

Beyonce Lemonade 1

Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ music premieres tomorrow Saturday, April 23rd on HBO but we already love the fashion moments from the teaser she released. No one knows the details of ‘Lemonade’ but we have four guesses:

  • A full album of video tracks (didn’t she do this already?)
  • A full lengthy video (this too)
  • A fashion video documentary (has she done this)
  • A live concert from a undisclosed location with full set and dancers

Ok, so we have no idea but regardless, the beehives will be tuning to HBO. Her empire fandom will continue to grow after tomorrow too because HBO announced, it will allow viewers to watch the event for free.

In the meantime, here are the fashion moments why every Beyonce fan will be tuning in tomorrow for ‘Lemonade’. Let us know which one is your guess.

Beyonce Lemonade 2 Beyonce Lemonade 3 Beyonce Lemonade 4Beyonce Lemonade 5 Beyonce Lemonade 6 Beyonce Lemonade 7 Beyonce Lemonade 8

Photos Source: Beyonce.com



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