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Maille Flavors Event

Maille's new ‘Secrets of the Chef’s Garden” Spring Collection 2016The Maille ‘Secrets of the Chef’s Garden” Spring Collection 2016

Maille opened its’ first culinary stand-alone boutique in the U.S. in December 2014. Since then, Maille continues to impress with its’ growing abundant selections of unique flavors of mustards. At their recent flavors event/cocktail party held at Tasting Table Test Kitchen food aficionados had an opportunity to discover and experience even more from Maille. Mustard sommeliers were on hand to personally guide and help foodie fashionistas discover some of Maille’s new ‘Secrets of the Chef’s Garden’ Spring Collection 2016.

Maille mustard sommeliersMaille mustard sommeliers

Maille‘s new ‘Secrets of the Chef’s Garden” Spring Collection 2016 features a trio of mustards that include;

  • Mustard with carrot and a hint of shallot: It is SWEET, ZESTY, GOURMET and an original combination that will lend sweetness to the piquant Dijon and bring color to your dishes and appetizers.
  • Mustard with beetroot and a hint of honey: It is SWEET, GOURMET, SMOOTH and an original creation that will go marvelously well with cheese.
  • Mustard with olives and herbes de Provence: It is GOURMET, SWEET, MILD and a gourmet creation that will bring the sun into your kitchen.

Guests enjoyed canapés, cocktails, small plates and dessert inspired by the flavors of Maille mustards and its’ gourmet products. Spring is in the air and fashionistas will be entertaining or partying over similar menu inspirations, well into summer and fall.

Maille Inspired CanapésLime-Cured Fluke

Tempura Cornichon SkewersTempura Cornichon Skewers

Mussels MarinièreMussels Marinière

Maille Inspired Canapés

The Maille food inspired canapés included;

  • Lime-Cured Fluke: Maille Mango Vinegar, radish, cucumber, nigella seed.
  • Tempura Cornichon Skewer: Maille Cornichons, Maille Mustard with Chablis White Wine and Morel Mushroom, saucisson sec.
  • Mussels Marinière: Maille Mustard with Saffron and Isigny sur Mer Crème Fraîche fried tarragon, crostini.

Maille Inspired Cocktails

Maille PunchMaille Punch

Dear MessieursDear Messieurs

Maille Inspired Cocktails

The Maille inspired cocktails included;

  • Maille Punch: Gin, Maille Dijon Mustard, peach brandy, lime, mint.
  • Dear Messieurs: Vodka, dry vermouth, Maille Cornichon juice, Maille Cornichon garnish.

Carrot Mustard-Crusted Arctic CharCarrot Mustard-Crusted Arctic Char

Local Potato and Sunchoke SaladLocal Potato and Sunchoke Salad

Maille Inspired Small Plates

The Maille inspired small plates included;

  • Carrot Mustard-Crusted Arctic Char: Maille Carrot Mustard with a Hint of Shallot, shaved carrot and Brussels sprout salad.
  • Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder: Maille Olive and Herbes de Provence Mustard, kalamata olives, oven-dried cherry tomatoes, arugula.
  • Burrata and Beet Salad: Maille Beet Mustard with a Touch of Honey, Maille Honey Dijon with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, local Greens, candied sunflower seeds.
  • Local Potato and Sunchoke Salad: Maille Mustard with White Wine, Sun-Dried Tomato and Espelette Chili Pepper, wilted mustard greens, fried shallots.

Maille Inspired DessertMaille Inspired Dessert

Orange and Pistachio Mustard Panna CottaOrange and Pistachio Mustard Panna Cotta

Maille Inspired Dessert

The Maille inspired dessert included: Orange & Pistachio Mustard Panna Cotta: Maille Mustard with White Wine, Pistachio and Orange, pretzel crumb.

Maille guestsMaille food aficionados

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Photos Credit: Sarah Bode-Clark via Tasting Table



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