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Antonio Ortega SS16 Couture

Ortega HC RS16 0020

All frequent travelers know that their encounters can be just as unusual as they are rich, and touch them deeply. Diverse encounters tell the story of audacity, humanity and creativity.

Antonio Ortega’s new couture collection for SS16 shows that luxury in today’s world, the real luxury, lies in the chance to express oneself, the chance to embrace the richness of encounters. This collection was inspired by encounters with three women, all exceptional artisans: Señora Inés and Señora Camerina Teresa, both virtuosos in the art of crochet, and Véronique Loupe, who excels in making lace. The evocative power of these meetings brought the designer back to the images and emotions of his childhood: a grandmother, draped in her shawl, happily knitting for hours on end.

The collection thus captures these emotions, those memories and borrows images such as a landscape in which the Earth and sky are one… A day passes, seasons, storms, a landscape of air and water, pasture and earth become successively threatening, joyful, disturbing, and calm; all is transformed over time. Antonio Ortega cuts slices of the sky to construct his clothing landscapes, blending camaïeu, shine, contrast – be it tormented or ever so slight – and chiffon, silk crepe, cotton, tweed, riveted leather, taffeta, feathers and rhinestones to form a collection for the seductive, sensuous woman.

Forms are fluid, flowing over the body, asymmetric and overlapping, or allowing the briefest glimpses of a body, exposing color, shine and form. The know-how of these women artisans lends deep meaning to these clothes, infusing them with a rich history of fortunate encounters.

Ortega HC RS16 0037 Ortega HC RS16 0059 Ortega HC RS16 0077 Ortega HC RS16 0084 Ortega HC RS16 0099 Ortega HC RS16 0112 Ortega HC RS16 0131 Ortega HC RS16 0155 Ortega HC RS16 0167 Ortega HC RS16 0187 Ortega HC RS16 0216 Ortega HC RS16 0239 Ortega HC RS16 0261 Ortega HC RS16 0286 Ortega HC RS16 0311 Ortega HC RS16 0327 Ortega HC RS16 0342 Ortega HC RS16 0356 Ortega HC RS16 0379 Ortega HC RS16 0406 Ortega HC RS16 0429 Ortega HC RS16 0449 Ortega HC RS16 0467 Ortega HC RS16 0498 Ortega HC RS16 0518

Photos Source: Antonio Ortega Courtesy



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