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Cindy + Johnny: Falling for Coats

Cindy + Johnny

Coats and Jackets

In a grab-and-go culture, your fashion has to be as fast as you are without sacrificing substance. At Cindy + Johnny, tireless hours have been spent scouring the ends of the western world for the perfect on-the-move jacket. We can’t hyphenate enough as seasons connect and mix-n-matching becomes a budget necessity. A top notch top layer for your ventures into fall evening wear is the Portia Coat (top middle). Start the pre-season off on the right foot with a wide bell sleeve, a high houndstooth-esque knit wrapped with black edging and an elegant robe-inspired design. You’ll be spa comfortable and street ready in this deep lapel wrap.

For a formal event, the Galinda Coat’s (top left) sharp lines and solid felt sleeves are uninterrupted by quilted front panels that bring dimension and shimmer to a classic shape on an overall matte tone. It’s a night out on the town, maybe you have tickets to a show? Get your fabulous self to the ballet in style with the Camden Jacket (top right). The boxy crop shape is a statement piece that jolts back to prime Sex & the City days, begging you to put on a big tulle skirt underneath it as your face casually skims by on a bus. Mosaic buttons glimmer with street light color and the navy bodice compliments the large black lapel – with a jacket like this walking out the door is a no-brainer.

Cindy + Johnny blazer

Blazers and Jackets

Leave the drones in the sky and keep your corporate ensemble as unique as you are. From the train to the treadmill, Cindy + Johnny’s got you, girl. An immediate step up from the working girls of yesteryear is the Suri Blazer (bottom right). Its open notch lapel gives a sharp right collar, making a standard black blazer a thing of the past. Don’t worry about flattening your hair with a hat and pull up the hood on your Gemini Athletic jacket (bottom left). The dip quilt detailing features dual tone grays that go with everything. Mixing texture with black cuffs will mix up your gym-wear almost as well as T-Swift. But if you aren’t a pop star who leaves your work-out looking flawless, we get it. Step it up from the expected in a moto style folded zip Alexa jacket (bottom middle). Cindy + Johnny mixes trend-driven items with more timeless pieces so you don’t have to wear your new find for just one season.  Instead, years f  ​ro​m now you still won’t look dated. With the temperature dropping and springing right back up again in the course of a walk across town, Cindy + Johnny’s fall collection is a guaranteed breath of fresh autumn air.

Source: Cindy + Johnny Media



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