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New York Men’s Fashion Week: Perry Ellis SS16

Perry Ellis Spring 2016

At New York Men’s Fashion Week, for the Perry Ellis Spring 2016 Collection, Creative Director Michael Maccari considers man’s manipulation of nature, through the integration of urban elements in beach cities around the world. Maccari’s unique use of manmade and natural fabric combinations throughout the collection is an expression of this symbiotic relationship. Through this juxtaposition, Maccari takes an unconventional approach to garment design to tell the story of the “new uniform.”

“I began to notice how guys look coming to and from the gym,” said Maccari. “They’re combining activewear with their work clothes and that fusion begins to tell the story of what we’re considering the “new suit.” We’re looking at how performance materials influence our everyday lifestyle choices and which components look interesting and new, yet functional―and how it affects a guy’s wardrobe as he prepares for each day.”

Through this lens, Maccari experiments with unorthodox silhouettes and uses traditional fabrics in unconventional ways. Suits and trousers are constructed from sweater knits; traditional shirting fabrics are used for jackets; bombers are fashioned from lightweight denim and doubleknit; and hoodies are crafted from indigo jersey and natural, seeded canvas. The “shirt-suit” becomes an alternative to the classic suit and summer tweeds replace the sharp solids of traditional suiting.

Maccari chose a neutral color palette for his latest collection for Perry Ellis. The natural colors of weathered pavement and beach stones are mixed with vibrant yellows and muted reds, while shades of blue ground the palette in a range of indigo hues, from sky to night shades.

PerryEllis_SS16_RW2 PerryEllis_SS16_RW3Perry Ellis Spring 2016PerryEllis_SS16_RW5PerryEllis_SS16_RW6PerryEllis_SS16_RW7PerryEllis_SS16_RW8PerryEllis_SS16_RW9PerryEllis_SS16_RW10Perry Ellis Spring 2016PerryEllis_SS16_RW12PerryEllis_SS16_RW13PerryEllis_SS16_RW14PerryEllis_SS16_RW15PerryEllis_SS16_RW16PerryEllis_SS16_RW17PerryEllis_SS16_RW18PerryEllis_SS16_RW19PerryEllis_SS16_RW20PerryEllis_SS16_RW21PerryEllis_SS16_RW22PerryEllis_SS16_RW23PerryEllis_SS16_RW24PerryEllis_SS16_RW25Perry Ellis Spring 2016PerryEllis_SS16_RW27PerryEllis_SS16_RW28PerryEllis_SS16_RW29PerryEllis_SS16_RW30PerryEllis_SS16_RW31PerryEllis_SS16_RW32Perry Ellis Spring 2016PerryEllis_SS16_RW34PerryEllis_SS16_RW35PerryEllis_SS16_RW36Perry Ellis Spring 2016Perry Ellis Spring 2016PerryEllis_SS16_RW39



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