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Top 5 Fashionable Places to Shop in Harlem

Harlem is a community with streets and and boulevards named after great African American leaders such as Frederick Douglas, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Malcolm X. It is a gem in America’s own backyard that is hugely popular among European visitors. The uptown destination well known for its history and architecture and of course the ‘Harlem Renaissance’ is quickly becoming a top destination for living, dining and shopping too. We’ve rounded up our top five fashionable shopping destinations in Harlem, known for its fashion and we think you’ll love it too.

ATMOS is a retail sneaker store that originated in Japan and found its way to Harlem. It’s a store dedicated to high end sneakers along with urban fashion and was listed as one of the best sneaker stores of all time by Complex magazine. This store is definitely popular among the sneaker collectible aficionados and fashion hipsters who want to own clothing that is both active, young and street chic. The designs found here often attract downtown fashion lovers too, who shop for the latest fashion brand arrivals such as the Air Pegasus 83′ in Red Clay, or the Catalina color Blazer Vintage Pack in Cargo Khaki and Red natural. The designs found here sell out quickly because they stock very small amounts of inventory due to ongoing new arrivals. If you love dope, street edge fashion then you need to shop at ATMOS.

Flame Keepers Hat Club

Flame Keepers Hat Club is a men’s hat store located on west 121st street near St. Nicholas Avenue, that was recently opened by Marc Williamson this year. It has quickly become a high-end fine hat store, and is stocked with classic hat styles, that fashion lovers may often see in photos during the Harlem Renaissance. Styles include; wool-felt and fur-felt hats with leather sweatbands, newsboy caps, French berets and straw hats from Ecuador and Colombia. These hats selections are priced for any fashionistas budget too, with caps that range from $35 to $125, and hats priced anywhere from $65 to $300.


Harlem Haberdashery

Harlem Haberdashery is a family owned fashion boutique mostly known because of Guy Wood of 5001 Flavors and wife Sharene Wood. The designs are a homage to Guy’s 70’s and 80’s fashion sense whose celeb clients include Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Rick Ross, Rihanna and Carmelo Anthony among others. The boutique is housed in the beautiful lower level of a brownstone on Lenox Avenue, between 123rd and 122nd street. There’s an assortment of designs found here, from denim jeans, leather jackets, t-shirts, dresses and accessories. His boutique supports local designers too such as Sofistafunk and  you can be guaranteed that the looks here is high end and off the runway ready too. That’s because Guy’s eye for sophistication, style and quality comes from his experience working with his celeb clients. The designs found here are fit for video and photo shoots and red carpets or just a night out on the town.


Hats Ny Bunn

Hats By Bunn, is dedicated to ladies who love hats, a fashion aesthetic well known in Harlem and often seen on Sunday by church-goers. This store is a must because it’s like saying ‘how’re you gonna have Harlem fashions without ladies church hats?’ The hats are made on-site by Bunn himself, a hat master, and clients who shop here will tell you, everyone wants to be a ‘Bunn lady.’ You’ll probably want to agree with the selections which are all originals and range from classic fedoras made from felt and straws, with colors such as wheats, lavenders, nude greens and greys. His hats are worn by men too and can be made to order as well. This hat shop is located on 134th street on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard.


JB b.o.r.n. Vintage

JB b.o.r.n. Vintage is a boutique and consignment shop located on east 125th street. It features vintage clothing and accessories, inclusive of shoes, handbags and jewelry that range from Chanel, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton. Jonathan Bodrick, who created ‘b.o.r.n.’ is also making headlines with the television show ‘B.O.R.N. to Style’ that is seen on the FYI Network which often showcases the boutique in many of its episodes. The boutique just relocated to 57 east 125th street from its former location at 52 west 125th street. Clients who love fashion from another era come here because of the ‘borrowed. old. refurbished. new.’ genre he has created and the items sell out quickly. Plan to get on the store list for new arrivals or visit them often for the new arrivals.

Written By: Tyrone Farley
Photos: Tyrone Farley


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