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New York Fashion Week: Katya Leonovich SS15 Collection


Womenswear designer and artist Katya Leonovich latest SS15 collection utilizes 3D printing to construct surprisingly pliable and wearable designs. While fashions constructed from 3D Printing have started to gain visibility over the last few seasons from a small group of avant-garde designers, Leonovich is determined to create collections that are wearable and functional unlike her predecessors.

“I wanted to utilize this innovation in a way that would be wearable to the fashion consumer. It is natural for artists to try to take a new technology to the limit when it is first introduced but I see it as a new construction method which is the future for everyday clothes.” Leonovich states.

In fact, you can even throw Leonovich’s 3D pieces into a washing machine!  The designs originate from Leonovich’s sketches which are then digitized and developed into 3D graphics with the assistance of the Bradley Rothenberg studios. Thereafter, the printed elements are incorporated into traditional cut and sewn pieces. Eventually, Leonovich hopes to create entire collections completely printed with 3D technology without the aid of any seamstresses.

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