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“Holler If Ya Hear Me” The Music Is Tupac, The Story Is Now


Tupac Shakur’s Broadway inspired musical “Holler If Ya Hear Me” officially opens on June 19th at the Palace Theater in New York City. We had a chance to preview it earlier this week and our thoughts are: inspiring and poetic.

Considering that Tupac is considered a poetic genius in the rap world, we won’t be surprised that people unfamiliar with his music(we hope there aren’t many) that will probably walk away feeling inspired too. By inspiration, we mean the story of the play. The plot centers around two young men dealing with life and tragedy. It utilizes some of Tupac Shakur’s well known songs such as “Hail Mary”, “Keep Ya Head Up” and “Dear Mama” to tell the story.

Holler If Ya Hear Me Palace TheatreWe believe that the energy can be a bit more consistently energetic but we love the dance choreography and lighting. This production will definitely inspire more newer theater productions of this genre because it is different. You can’t compare it to a “South Pacific” or “Sound of Music” because it is a new genre of theater for a new consumer. “Holler If Ya Hear Me” will definitely attract a young audience too because it’s what young music fans are listening to and are inspired by, in this day and age. We know that it will attract a new audience too because superstar Madonna checked it out on June 16th(also Tupac Shakur’s 43rd birthday) this week. Madonna was also a friend of Tupac when he was alive and she loves to use the latest dance choreography in her concert tours.

Holler If Ya Hear Me Palace Theatre
Tupac Shakur died in 1996 but his poetic genius and legacy lives on with “Holler If Ya Hear Me” on the great white way. This production is directed by the critically acclaimed Kenny Leon. Go check it out and decide for yourself because we believe you’ll love it. Now “Holler If Ya Hear Me.”

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