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Christian Dior Cruise 2015 Collection


Christian Dior showcased its’ Dior Cruise 2015 Collection in New York City last evening. Raf Simons continued with his love for flowers with looks inspired by Christian Dior archival scarves also known as le carré in French. 

There were silk scarves design elements with each look; such as black pants, sleek skirts and breezy tops. There was also a series of dresses made from lace squares which I can foresee becoming one of Simons new design trademark for Christian Dior. The overall modern and clean lines for his 66 looks continue to transform the image for the House of Dior, to appeal to a new market.

There were celebrities in abundance led by Rihanna, Marion Cotillard and Linda Evangelista among others. New York City is fast becoming one of Dior’s major city destination in regards to clients from a business perspective. Christian Dior first showed its cruise collection in 2006 and has also set up a studio on 57th street and fifth avenue at the LVMH tower.

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Photos Credit: John Aquino via WWD.COM



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