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The Autographer – World’s First Intelligent Wearable Camera


The Autographer is the world’s first intelligent wearable camera and I had a chance to test it out during the F/W14 collections at New York Fashion Week.  Developed by Oxford Metrics Group (OMG) in London, the device measures 3.54 by 1.47 by 0.90 (HWD) inches. It’s affixed with a clip as a strap to either clip and go or to easily attach around your neck. I took advantage of these features by clipping it to my jacket pocket one time as I sat front row at a show and another time by wearing it around my neck as I walked around the lobby at Lincoln Center. The Autographer randomly snaps photos (no, not Vogue photo-shoot calibre but close) based on its’ built-in sensors technology.


There are two external buttons that can be pressed to power on/off and the next to click through with settings for gps, capture rate of low, medium and high, as well as synching it via bluetooth to your computer or iPhone for image downloads.  The feature capture rate option allows for low (50 images per hour), medium (100 images per hour) and high (200 images per hour).


There is an option to download your images from your Autographer to the desktop or to your iPhone. I utilized both of these options and was able to connect, tag and share my images (shown below) on my social communities for Twitter and Facebook. On the desktop option, I was able to download some images and create a video and there’s also an option to create GIFs too.


The Autographer has a lens with a cover that can be opened and closed. It also has a light sensor to automatically adjust camera exposure, a magnetometer to determine your direction, a thermometer for recording ambient temperature, a GPS radio for saving location data, and an accelerometer for measuring movement. There’s a blue indicator LED light that blinks with a tiny circle each time it takes a photo and and can also be turned off. The light indicator also shows your battery level, number of photos and bluetooth on/off connection. There’s lots of room for photo storage too with an internal 8GB of memory.


I love the Autographer but believe it’s more suited for outdoor activity aficionados.  I was under excellent lighting indoors at many shows during NYFW and some of my photos didn’t turn out well. In contrast, I also used it outdoors during the Superbowl Boulevard activities (shown above) in NYC and believe they came out better. I love the mobility of it’s use regardless, with the idea of not having to be bothered with snapping photos by taking time out my precious activities to do so, while still ending up with images at the end of an event. This nifty little device is easy to use and you just set it and forget it, or just clip on and go.



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