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London Fashion Week: Fyodor Golan F/W14 Collection


I might have missed Fyodor and Golan F/W14 runway show, had it not been for a fellow (slightly less lost than I was ) fashionista, who I bumped into just around the corner from the show’s venue.  Once inside, we were met with at first impression the world’s smallest runway, onto which sauntered an adorably haughty model, rocking a black top, a Nokia phone (yes I did say Nokia phone) encased skirt, creating a kaleidoscope of colorful moving images, on top of drainpipe trousers. The flurry of excited photographers who snapped away at this fashion meets technology miracle, positively blinded me, before we went into the actual show next door.

The show was a tribal riot of textures and color. Hot pink scorched down the runway, firing surprises at every turn. A baby doll rubber trapeze dress, pink molded rubber corsets. Urban menswear – jacket, trousers, polo and baseball cap. An over-sized feather boa over a black PVC dress. Then a delectable full length heavy trench-coat, which I just about let glide by, without me trying to dive into it.  The color palette was noughties reminiscent, in fact I took a double look at a shiny lurex burgundy biker jacket, which I’m sure, came direct from the back of my wardrobe :0)  Woven in between, green and black pvc as strapless tops and pants, then Matrix style long coats. Tropical mesh prints as a dress and jumpsuit and my favorite a ridiculously over the top, green super sparkly iridescent layered jumpsuit  This vibrant rampage of color and textural sheens, momentarily transported me away from the wind and rain outside.

By Lara Livingstone

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