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JCPenney’s ‘New Year, New You’ Fitness Event


I, for one, am not afraid to admit that I’ve been out of shape for the last two months. I pay a monthly subscription to a gym I haven’t been to in the last two months. You know how it goes. When winter season arrives, the weather makes you want to stay inside. Once you stay inside you begin to get lazy and don’t want to leave at all. Then to add more injury to the wound, you gain holiday weight after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years pass on.


So I was extremely excited for this opportunity to get back into shape when I attended the JCPenney New Year, New You Fitness Event. The message of this event is that it’s a new years, which means it’s time for a new you. If you’ve been dying to get back into shape or change your eating regimes, here’s your chance. A new years is all about changes. So why not start now?


I walked inside and was instantly greeted by the fellow staff of the event. They took me to the back in order to get dressed and ready for the dance workout. Unfortunately, most of the male clothing didn’t arrive for the show. So some of us men, which was only a few that came during the 6 o’clock show, had to wear gray jogging pants and gray shirts. They were designed for women but we were able to pull it off. It didn’t bother me whatsoever. I grabbed one of those gray shirts jogging pants and got myself ready. I said to them “Don’t worry. Unisex is back in. We can pull this off.”


We walked inside and socialized with everyone before our dance workout began. The first place we were taken to was the juice bar. I was introduced to a variety of juices that is great for the body whether you are detoxing, finishing a workout, or just need some more natural energy to continue your day. I had my own share of drinking Karina Smirnoff’s signature potion, the ‘Double D’ multiple times. It is a wonderful detox drink that truly cleans you up from the inside. My addiction to it was due to the fact that it contained ginger, beets, carrots, apple, cucumber, fennel, mint, & celery. I also had the chance to see JCPenney’s exclusive Xersion and CityStreet Activewear lines for the year. They were interesting lines and very diverse in sizes. It was a wide selection created for every fitness level.


Karina Smirnoff from ‘Dancing With The Stars’ was our host and also an instructor.  Henry Byalikov a former dancer of DWTS was also on site as an instructor. They were both energetic and full of energy. I was mesmerized by their energy in wanting to stay fit. I love that about people. When it comes to my life I’m all about enjoying life and having fun doing it. So being able to exercise in a room full of people touched my heart. It finally got down to working out. We did a variety of Zumba, Salsa, and electronic inspired workouts. I don’t know about you, but electronic music is really when I get in the mood. So the fact that a tiny segment of the workout was dancing to electronic music was absolutely amazing. I didn’t break a sweat, but I was drenching in my clothes, in my own sweat. I looked like a mini waterfall once everything was over. I ended the night with a JCPenney post-workout juice. I got dressed and made my way out of the event like a energetic fit man ready to start his year by continuing on this fitness regime.

In conclusion, the JCPenney event was truly an experience to take in. I walked away with the inspiration of creating a new me for the new year. Isn’t that what life is all about? Reinvention.



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