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Leo’s Wisdom – Epic Jewelry For Men

Leo's Wisdom

Leo’s Wisdom was born out of frustration and a deep desire to outwardly express the founder’s innermost characteristics in a way never before realized. Founder, Bre Harris, a visionary and an artist, was disappointed with the lackluster and often overpriced pieces available in the market.


“As a man, it’s been difficult finding the type of jewelry truly reflective of the style and character I feel accurately portrays the innermost me. I wanted a piece that boldly stated, ”I am Strong! I am Wise! I am Powerful!’ So, out of pure frustration, my partner and I created Leo’s Wisdom, an epic line of men’s jewelry that stands for Kingship, Power, and Wisdom”.


Bre produced his first piece and less than a week later, he was persuaded to sell it right off his neck. He designed another piece, and was persuaded to sell that one too. The talented duo made no haste in setting action to what was obvious: there was a strong desire for such pieces, and it was worth the time and effort to offer Leo’s Wisdom to the world.


Bre and Wisdom invested nearly everything they had into the idea of a Private Label collection of epic jewelry for men. Leo’s Wisdom is jewelry for men created by a man. Master Artisan, Bre Harris, takes great care to ensure each piece is imbued with virtues and qualities from within. Each Leo’s Wisdom design is meticulously sculpted and designed by humble hands. No two pieces are ever exactly alike. Your piece will be as unique and important as you are.


Source: Janelle Langford via Suite PR




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