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NIQUEA.D Store Opens In New York City


It may have been cold outside with the wind blowing like it was ready to form into a tornado at any second, but it didn’t stop me from attending the store opening of NIQUEA.D on 678 Hudson Street in Manhattan. I walked inside and instantly felt like I left New York and entered France. The store gives you a  comfort vibe. The interior design from the wallpaper to the comfortable couches placed in the store  makes you feel like you don’t to walk out. Matter of fact, it makes you want to live in there. That’s  the vibe I got. Like I wanted to stay in and never come out.


I began my night with a glass of sparkling wine and began my way down the store. There is both a left and right side due to the variety of accessories and designs that they have. I walked over to the left and found myself in the middle of a collection of Papyrus greeting cards. From holiday wishes to birthday celebrations, there were a variety of cards you could choose from. They are creatively decorated and sell at very nice prices.  After looking at the cards, I walked back to the front and head towards the right side where the real  party was at. With wonderful jazz and country music playing in the background, everyone was  together in harmony. They socialized from one person to the next. Shaun, a wonderful  photographer, was taking pictures of everyone from left and right. He was truly working the room.  There were moments when I was shocked at how fast he was moving. I love a person who does  everything to make sure that they capture every precious moment on film. I took a look around and was stunned by the variety of designs that was around me from every corner. One minute, I’m looking at quilts, the next minute, I’m looking at jewelries and  accessories. I turn around again and there are chocolates in display. I found myself having to sit  down on the couch for a second because I was mesmerized and slightly dizzy by looking at the wonderful displays. The shocking thing was that I wasn’t even buzzed from wine at that point. If a store can make your mind like that before a wine buzz, that’s when you know the store did something  right.


I also socialized with excellent company. I had the privilege of meeting Jeanne Omlor, a fellow writer, blogger, and business coach and social media strategist. I also met Nelson Tejada, the Chief Merchandising Officer of NIQUEA.D. Conversations with him seemed endless. Ranging from talking about the company and how it’s expanding and to random social conversations like the hors d’ oeuvres being served.  The funny part about the hors d’ oeuvres, was that  two of them were lobster on crackers and crab cakes which I was having for the first time.  They were delicious.


I also met with Imaj, a country singer and the store’s performer for the night. She blew me away. Not only with her singing abilities but her bright, bubbly personality. She is already touring the world  and going places. Just by getting to know her for just a couple of minutes, I know Imaj is going to be loved by the world. There are only a few people that deserves that amount of recognition, and I  truly believe Imaj deserves to be loved by everyone.


Before I left with my complimentary gift bag from NIQUEA.D, I couldn’t help but to take a picture with  photographer Shaun and cover model Jacqueline. It took only a few seconds for me to realize that  Jacqueline is the model that has been featured in all of the store’s advertisements. I looked at Jacqueline and gasped because I realized it was her. Overall, the store opening was a wonderful gathering of wonderful people.



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