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The Fashion & Style of Z LaLa


Z LaLa is a singer/songwriter whose eclectic and trendsetting style, paired with her captivating voice has catapulted her on to the international music scene. Born in Los Angeles, CA, and hailing from a long line of talented opera singers, theatrical, and drama performers, Z LaLa knew from a young age she wanted to pursue a career in music. While most 14 year old kids where hanging out at the mall or the movies, this budding singer spent her free time recording in the studio, performing at local humanitarian events, and starring in numerous school plays.

Z LaLa officially hit the music scene by releasing her first single, “Fly Away”, in 14 different languages, including sign language, followed by her debut album, “Zilosophy,” which she co-produced with Jaylien Wesley (“You’re so beautiful” by Akon). The album received rave reviews and was well-liked by listeners. Her latest single “Sweet Dreams” is quickly approaching 1 million YouTube views, which can be seen here: Z LaLa – Sweet Dreams Her captivating voice and creative vision has received recognition from heavy hitters in the music industry such as Shal Talmay (David Bowie), The Who, Mark Williams (Madonna) and many others.


Fashion usually goes hand in hand with an artist’s image, to tell their story or sometimes just a fun, personal trait. We had a chance to chat with Z LaLa about her fashion style and here’s what she had to say.

Z LaLa, we love your style and fashion choices. What is the Z LaLa image?

Zankk you.  Cone heads, and visual art. I prefer to wear objects instead of fabric.

Where do you get your fashion inspirations from?  

My head. My crazy visions. My five dimensional thought process.

Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

Iris van Herpen, Rocky Gathercole and Merlin Castell, to name a few.

What does Z LaLa mean?

It’s short for Z LaLa.  It’s my name.


We love your ‘Sweet Dreams‘ video. Was the Eurythmics one of your favorite groups and who are some of your other favorite musicians?

Yes, they definitely have been a favorite. I also love The Police, Mika, Prince, ABBA, Grace Jones and Freddie Mercury.

Is there any exciting projects that Z LaLa is currently working on that your fans should know about?

There’s always something new. Currently, we’re custom making instruments and preparing a live electro band. I’m also working on my new album which will be released in 2014.



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