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Vionic Shoes is ‘Comfort With Every Step’


Have you ever considered how many steps and pressure your feet endures on a daily basis? Sure, there are many shoes options available for our feet that may seem comfortable but are they really protecting you?  A Vionic shoe is designed with the ‘ORTHAHEEL TECHNOLOGY’ that fashionistas who may have foot issues will love. It was created by Phillip J. Vasyli, a world renowned Podiatrist with a love for his craft with whom I chatted during a recent event for the Vionic shoes.  “We work with the best experts in medical science, to develop and refine our Vionic vison.”


The Orthaheel brand was created in 1991 with the goal of  restoring natural foot function in aiding people wit troubled feet with the technology found it mostly in it’s popular sandals.  Since then it has earned many awards that include the APMA(American Podiatrist Medical Association) and an endorsement from world renowned integrated medicine expert Andrew Weil.


It’s almost like having the best of both worlds because you’ll be wearing shoes that are stylish and good for your foot’s health.  Vionic, though initially known for its’ renowned orthopedic sandals now includes stylish wedges, sneakers, booties and loafers currently and in it’s upcoming women’s Spring 2014 collection.


Rest assured you won’t have to worry about the stress on your heels.  For men there are slip-ons and leather wingtip shoes and you won’t have to worry about foot pain because of a flat sole either.  Now you won’t have to forsake your health for style and worry about being uncomfortable while wearing your shoes because your soles will be comfortable.  Remember, the well-being of your feet is important and Vionic has you covered with every step.



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