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Douglas Says . . . A Fashion Profile

Ernest Collins

Name: Douglas Says . . .

Resides: Jersey City,  NJ

Design School: Traphagen School of Fashion

Occupation: Self-Employed Fashion Designer

Profile: Douglas Says . . . might be one of fashion’s best kept secret.  He began gaining major media fashion exposure when he appeared on BET’s ‘Rip the Runway’ alongside Steve Harvey’s suit collection, in 2006 and again in 2009 with his full figured collection, titled “Plus U.”  Many  fashionistas today are still talking about his initial “Plus U” launch from 2008, that many consider a new, fresh direction, for full figured women.  Douglas remembers that “his Plus U collection challenged him from the very beginning, through its completion”. “The collection had me thinking and designing outside of  the boxy-shapes that had always and only been available to this customer. Going into this venture, I knew that I wanted to offer a collection filled with “D.S” essentials, staples for life if you will. The first thing I really wanted to redesign was the title “full-figured”,  so from here on it’s called “Plus-U”.  Some may even remember hearing it being said that,  “Douglas Says . . . makes clothes like he’s hugging a woman and saying I love you!”  Now, the “Plus-U” line gives the larger body type that same hug.  Douglas also said, “I find that the plus size market is a lot like the film industry, where if there were just as many producers as directors, more could be done with greater choices available. Then so much wouldn’t be expected from one person to produce magic, especially if it’s only their first time up at bat. And, by me doing the fuller collection, in no way am I sweeping  my history under a rug, I’m taking it all with me, losing nothing in translation from what I’m known for. Before I even started sketching, my process started with me listening and hearing my sisters and girlfriends, who are no longer a size zero.”

Photographers I’ve worked with: Douglas Says . . . has an impressive resume that include celebrity photographers such as; Mike Ruiz, Alex Chatelain, Ghillian Lewin, Fadil Berisha, Marc Baptiste, Dah Len, Keith Majors, Anthony Barboza, and the late Jerry Jack.

Fashion features: In 2007, the Museum of The City of New York held what was hailed as, “A  groundbreaking Exploration of Hip-Hop and Style” entitled ‘Black Style Now’ with Douglas Says . . . being one of the chosen designer to be  included in the line up.  His collection was featured at the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund, annual fashion show for two years in a row in 2007 and 2008.  Douglas Says . . . clothing has appeared in several indie films such as “Smooth the Game Is Dead”, “Don’t Go to Strangers” and “The System Within”. In addition, his designs has been featured on the covers of major fashion magazines, hardcover books, celebrities and on television.

purple cape

Current project/s: Douglas recently began writing with his first 2009 book release titled “Amuse” and again in 2013 with his second titled “The Red Dress.”  Both of his books are based around his clothing designs and the intimate relationships between his muses and himself.   “One of my continued goals is to remove some of the old taboos about jersey/stretch fabrics, about them not being kind or friendly to your body types, like everything else it  just has to be cut for you, with your body in mind.   I am totally aware that real women have curves, and that we as designers need to accept that fact and lend a helping hand in projecting those curves, not hiding, deny or flat out   ignore them. Therefore I’ve turned off the answering machine; I’m able to answer those calls. Women shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and or fit, not when Douglas Says. . . is presenting women with two gifts, the first   being choice and the second being his signature shapeables.  I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best that I have too  offer.”

Photos credit: Ernest Collins via Douglas Says . . .

Edited by: Tyrone Farley



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