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Rihanna Covers the November 2013 Issue of Glamour Magazine


Rihanna covers the November 2013 issue of Glamour magazine but it’s not the fashion that’s getting noticed, it’s her hair. I’ve always advised women that short curly hair can be fashionable too and I’m so glad to see Rihanna in this hairstyle.

Considering all the celebs that have recently drastically revamped their looks via their hair alone, Rihanna has never been one that maintained your typical mainstream hairdo. Rather, she’s always made a fashion statement with hairdos that you’ll never expect and with choices that always works well too. My goodness, this new hair style does not disappoint. Rihanna looks so photogenic and this new curly hairdo just adds to her stylish past. I hope many fashionistas will follow this trend. Enough with straight hair because curls has always been beautiful. Do you agree?

Photo credit: http://forums.thefashionspot.com



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