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The Network Launches Flavor NYC to Promote Diversity in Fashion. @tfnow

The Network — a multicultural creative agency has just launched Flavor NYC!  Flavor NYC is a digital and social media campaign dedicated to celebrating diversity and multiculturalism in fashion, beauty, and the arts. Flavor NYC includes a series of fashion editorials that will be published onto The Network’s website and blogs.

The first Flavor NYC editorial is titled New Amerykah. New Amerykah was inspired by American Recording Artist Erykah Badu’s album of the same name. Flavor NYC’s New Amerykah is all about depicting multiculturalism as the new America through a fashion shoot.

New Amerykah features a cast of multicultural models: Idia Aisien, Larron Samuel White, and Alvaro Hernandez wearing clothing and accessories by Samantha Pleet, JACHS, Sandro Romans, and Cashhimi. As far as the models’ nationalities: Idia Aisien is Nigerian, Larron Samuel White is African-American, and Alvaro Hernandez is of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Dominican descent. The Network purposely booked a cast of multicultural models to showcase diversity.

New Amerykah’s production team was also multicultural. Make-up, styling, and photography for New Amerykah was done by Ray-An and Luis Guanzon of BeMoreMedia who are Filipino Americans. Additionally, Cacha` and Pen, Co-Founders of The Network who are of Dominican and African-American descent handled creative direction, casting, and production.

The New Amerykah editorial is an amazing collaboration between artists, models, and designers. In essence, Flavor NYC accomplished its goal of producing a classy shoot with multicultural models and a cool theme. With that said, New Amerykah is here.

About JACHS:

JACHS was founded by Hayati Banastey in 2008 with the idea of artistry and attention to details should make clothes easy to wear.  The designs are inspired by  vintage american style. JACHS calls to mind timeless style from another era, modernized with unexpected details and finishes.  Ruggedly sophisticated, JACHS classic shirts are luxuriously comfortable, while JACHS bottoms are timeworn like your favorite pair of pants.  The JACHS philosophy: a man should look great without really trying. Please visit: www.jachsny.com to learn more.

About Samantha Pleet:

Samantha Pleet is a Brooklyn/NYC based Designer who debuted her  collection in 2006 with elements of the mysterious and fantastical as well as a sense of modernity. Wherever possible the clothes are made in NYC using organic materials.  Samantha Pleet has collaborated with different brands such as Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Wolverine 1000 mile. Please visit: www.samanthapleet.com to learn more.

About Cashhimi:

Cenan Abas Sel, designer and founder of Cashhimi, originally hails from Istanbul. With a degree in Business Administration and a long-standing career in accounting and finance, Abas Sel decided to hone in on her creative skills in 2007, resulting in the launch of an exotic handbag line committed to serving the discerning tastes of modern women. Close to Abas Sel’s heart, the name Cashhimi is derived from the initials of her name, the surname of her husband, and the first two letters of her sons’ names.

Cashhimi handbags cater to the innermost needs and desires of women from luxury and femininity, to versatility and functionality.  With precise workmanship and attention to detail, Cashhimi continues to elevate the standards of luxury above and beyond expectations. Please visit: Cashhimi.com to learn more.

About Sandro Romans:

Sandro Romans is a menswear line that believes men should not be limited in how they dress.  The line is a whimsical mix of masculine and feminine aesthetic and uses simple silhouettes and rich materials to present a modern yet accessible image. Please visit: SandroRomans to learn more.

About Be More Media:

Be More Media is a company that provides multimedia services to true artists, passionate musicians and corporations that are looking for ways to identify and separate themselves from the pack. Originally a company that focused solely on music production and music recording, we realized our clients needed video and photo support for their projects as well. In today’s ever growing social media market, you need audio and visual presence on the web in order for people to take notice. That’s where we come in.

With your goals and visions in mind, we can take your ideas from conception to print. We pride ourselves on being involved with a project at every stage to insure the vision and message of the project stay clear. With over 10 years experience in the musical recording field, and over 5 years experience in the photo/video field, BeMore Media is growing rapidly in its multimedia capabilities. Please visit: www.bemoremedia.com to learn more.

About The Network:

The Network is a multicultural creative agency that offers management, public relations, social media marketing, styling, photography, and event production. The Network is currently working with Fashion Stylist Amia Serrano and DJ Group CSxPD. The Network has also worked with the Fund Forum of Arts and Culture Uzbekistan (in Central Asia), Latin Fashion Week, and the Brooklyn Public Library. Please visit: www.thenetworkfam.com to learn more.

Image & Content Source: The Network Press Release Courtesy



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