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Rihanna is #1 Top 40 Artist Of Past Two Decades?

So when we heard that Rihanna was named the #1 top 40 artist for the past two decades by Billboard we had to blink twice. That’s because we wondered how can an artist who only began her music career in 2005 beat out artists like Madonna, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson who has been around longer than this Bajan beauty. But then let’s think again, the world of music and the business model that surrounds it today is significantly different than the way it existed two decades ago. Stardom and music #1 hits are influenced by much more than a hot video or radio play. The impact of technology has significantly impacted consumer behaviorism in they way they may like/dislike an artist. Twitter, reality shows, product endorsements and fashion covers are some of the mediums that aid in driving the popularity and star rank of today’s stars. Today’s business model for the successful marketing of stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce are much more complex. Landing endorsement deals or magazine covers is a two way street for stars too, because brands build upon the previous success of an artist’s project such as a new album release or a new single that just became #1 even though it might be a #1 album with lowers sales in contrast to the number of record sales for a Madonna or Mariah Carey album two decades ago. It also helps to know that Rihanna has released an album every year since 2005 except for 2008 and has had nine number one hits(exclude her soon to be released ‘Unapologetic’ album) from all her album releases combined in a seven year period. Anyone 



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