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Lady Gaga Stars in ‘Machete Kills’ as La Chameleon.


Lady Gaga stars in Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete Kills’ a sequel follow-up to his 2010 flop ‘Machete’. It looks like Lady Gaga is ready for her close-up in Hollywood or at least a transition into the movies. Rodriguez’s 2010 ‘Machete’ included Lindsey Lohan and the movie was really bad. Judging by the looks of this poster with Gaga decked out in a over sized stole and smoking gun pose, it looks like her little monster fans will come in hordes to see her on the silver screen when the movie releases in 2013. If looks could  kill she is certainly killing it with this poster and I’m predicting it will become something of a iconic poster collectible because of her even if the movie flops again.  Follow and connect with us on Facebook for more pics and fashion drama.
Photo credit: www.theinsider.com


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