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Benetton’s Controversial New Fashion Ad.

Benetton’s controversial new ‘Unhate’ campaign ads is causing controversy and bringing a lot of attention to it’s Italian fashion retail brand. The ads feature manipulated images of same sex and opposite sex, political and religious world leaders kissing. The ads were released in Paris today and the images is hot topic in New York, Tel Aviv and Rome. The image causing the most controversy is with Pope Benedict XVI kissing Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed El-Tayeb and a banner ad of them hung near the Vatican, which were later removed in addition to one on their website. This type of publicity strategy is not new to United Colors of Benetton. A previous controversial ad include a priest kissing a nun among others. The ‘Unhate’ ad campaign simply means ‘not to hate’ according to a press release from Benneton. Do you agree or disagree with these ads? Follow and connect with us on Facebook for more pics and fashion news.

A previous controversial Benneton ad.


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