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Poland Fashion Week 2011: Eco Fashion Creations.


A Andrea Pojezdalova design ~ The winning creation.
Fashion Week Poland commenced in Lodz, Poland yesterday. Here are some of the looks from day one of a designer contest that showcased eco-fashion creations.  The contest is titled Fashion Re-Act and the winning creation was from designer Andrea Pojezdalova of Bratislava. The fabrics are derived from recyclable materials that are sustainable and ethical and is the future of fashion.  Check out my recent contribution for SIX magazine that profiles some other designers on eco-fashion.

A Kuźniarskiej Dorothy design.

A Pat Button design.

A Emilia Zalewska design.

A Emilia design.

A James Pieczarkowskiego design.

A Ricardo Ramos design.

A Monika Gromadzińskiej design.
A Monika Gromadzińskiej design.

A Karpowicz Carolina design.

A Halina Mrozek design.
A Agnes Dydo design.

Photos credit: Photo by PAP / Mariusz Pałczyński via www.tvp.pl


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