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Fashion Queen: Iris Apfel.


Photo credit: Architectural Digest

Iris Barrel Apfel is a fashionista with style that is bold, exciting and fashion forward and a lavish wardrobe and new following to back it up.  The Fashion and Style section of the New York Times recently described her style as something that requires a “. . disciplined eye to pull off . .”  
           Iris will also be the subject of a movie by famed documentary film maker Albert Maysles, and her personal wardrobe has been on exhibition at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The list goes on for this 90 year young fashionista and the first thing that comes to the mind is probably that she’s old and rich. You can say the same for many Park Avenue rich socialites but the thing I love about Ms. Apfel is that she’s ‘unique’.  I love her eye for fashion and her choice of jewelry for every single look of her wardrobe I’ve seen, and I’ve posted two of my favorites below.  Her sense of color, silhouettes and accessories is something that you probably have to be born with in my opinion, because I know a lot of rich fashionistas who just follow the styling of, what they’ve already seen somewhere.  Iris Apfel is my new fashion hero, she rocks and reigns as Queen of Fashion in the inner circles.  Another reason that I also applaud her, is because of the vision for what I consider a genuine True Fashionista Now.  Apfel has her own interpretation and sense of style, with designer pieces thrown in as well of course.  I love you Iris because you are a True Fashionista Now.  Follow and connect with us on Facebook for more pics and fashion news.
A circa-1985 House of Lanvin silk-faille evening gown designed by Jules-François Crahay,                        a Bhutanese upper-arm bracelet, and Tibetan bracelet and necklaces.
Photo credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Karin Willis
A vintage Geoffrey Beene wool-jersey jumpsuit, a silver-and-turquoise brooch and belt,
and silver-and-ceramic cuffs.
Photo credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Karin Willis


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