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Andrew Charles Fall 2011 Collection Is Fashion That Rocks.


Andy Hilfiger, brother to famed fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger is the creator of the Andrew Charles clothing line.  Surrounded by fashion, music and entertainment, you can see where the inspiration for the collection was probably transpired. With Chelsea Tyler, daughter to Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, as his muse for some of the looks, we can definitely say this collection was destined to um, . . . rock. 
I visited the Andrew Charles showroom recently, to check out some of the looks from the collection and I have to say it is indeed fashion that rocks. The jeans are the first items that caught my eye, especially the moto flare jean with the buttons on the side of the hemline.  The scarf print boho top is also a nice throwback to Janis Joplin rocking on stage and is probably something she would rock in today’s era.  The collection will be sold exclusively at Macy’s this coming fall.  Check them out for yourself and let us know which is your favorite.  
Scarf print boho top and faded indigo flare jean.
Silver coated moto jacket, beaded skull tank, black coated skinny jean.
Retro paisley button front, moto flare jean.


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