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Get Ready For ASTONISH Fashion & Art Magazine.


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Searching for that visually vibrant imagery and smart commentary that made you fall in love with magazines in the first place? Want to be a part of brave fashion editorials that had you join the industry? Look no further than ASTONISH Magazine. Founder Ryan Chua saw a void in the fashion publication landscape; there was no platform for the best emerging artists in the fashion and art community to showcase their work. From that innovative standpoint, ASTONISH Magazine was born. This category defying publication truly embodies its name – it astonishes readers with brave, edgy original images submitted by artists from around the world and curated under the impeccable ASTONISH eye. ASTONISH is a movement, calling for creative freedom without inhibitions.

                 While other publications work with the same pool of talent year after year, ASTONISH is unique in that it invites emerging artists (photographers, stylists, fashion designers, models, bloggers and collaborators) to submit their work for each issue. Every issue is defined by a theme, Issue One being: Love Lust Desire. From there, submitting artists have complete creative freedom to interpret the theme in their work. Contributors from around the world come together under the ASTONISH curatorial eye to deliver stunning imagery, insightful social commentary, and interviews with industry professionals. ASTONISH Magazine does not exist as another pretty face on the newsstand (although what a pretty face it has), it seeks to inspire, redefine, and revolutionize the fading publication industry from the inside-out.

                 While there is no substitute for the tactile experience of a print magazine, in today’s world it is simply not enough for a publication to exist solely on the newsstand. That is why visionary developer Richard McWilliams is bringing the ASTONISH experience to the digital realm with AstonishMagazine.com. Readers, contributors, and collaborators from over 30 countries will be able to stay connected through ASTONISH’s unique online community ASTONISHWorld. The interactive ASTONISHWorld online community can also navigate through the magazine’s unrivaled online content (including behind the scenes features and beautiful premium images) all through their own customizable lens.  This Fall, ASTONISH will forever revolutionize a new way for the global fashion community to connect with each other.

Alongside ASTONISHWorld, the new ASTONISHBloggerati program will be providing opportunities for top-tier bloggers who apply to be featured in online and print forms of ASTONISH. The bloggers who are accepted to be part of the ASTONISHBloggerati program will have exciting benefits, such as featured profiles on ASTONISHWorld, complimentary subscriptions to the ASTONISH print editions, your original blog posts can be featured on AstonishWorld.com and top-rated Bloggerati will be featured in a Vanguard profile in each print issue of ASTONISH Magazine.

ASTONISH Magazine truly embraces the innate qualities of the print and digital forms. In its print form, the magazine goes far beyond what any other publications is currently printing. Each issue of ASTONISH is a piece of art in itself, something that will be savored and kept on coffee tables and bookshelves for years to come. Online, ASTONISHWorld is a destination for fashion students and industry professionals to stay connected, be inspired, and continue the astonishing dialogue. From the page, to the computer screen and beyond, no other fashion magazine has created an experience quite like this. ASTONISH is the first print magazine for the digital age.

                  Every issue of the quarterly magazine is an opportunity. For submitting artists it’s an opportunity to have their work seen around the world and back. For readers they will be able to experience and connect with the fashion and art talent of tomorrow. For Bloggers it is an opportunity to be recognized as Fashion Artists and profiled on a major publication. The ASTONISH reader includes aspiring and established photographers, fashionistas, bloggers, stylists, models, fashion students, designers and anyone who has been searching for the visually stimulating magazine that this industry has been missing.  With an ever-growing audience, the ASTONISH team plans to capture 50,000 new readers with each quarterly issue of the magazine – with as many visits to the online site per month, have your voice heard on a global scale. Join the movement, be a creative leader of the future, and prepare yourself to be astonished when ASTONISH Magazine ushers in the new era of publication in September. 

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