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Je Ne Sais Quoi’s Luxury Accessories Is ‘Timeless.’


Je Ne Sais Quoi is a small luxury goods brand, which creates a lifestyle filled with exquisite accessories. The brand consists of neckties, ascots, cummerbunds, brooches and pocket squares. Founded in the spring of 2008 by Mckenzie Liautaud, whose goal is to intertwine traditional and timeless pieces with a modern edge. The target market for these impressive goods are tastemakers, trendsetters and art collectors.
Liautaud began his designing career with custom ties; ties he made for clients such as internationally acclaimed musician and producer Wyclef Jean, renowned Top Chef winner Marcus Samuelsson, also long-term friend producer D.Smith. Mckenzie Liautaud, who was a male model, walked the runways and showrooms for designers Kenneth Cole, Obedient Sons, as well as Klurk. Although Liautaud liked modeling, he wanted to explore his talents in an artistic and styling direction. Therefore, he started to assist top stylists such as Victoria Bartlett, Patti Wilson and Kate Young. Through working with these stylists, Liautaud learned what accessory styles were favored. 
With such fashionable experiences, it is expected that Mckenzie Liautaud and his company Je Ne Sais Quoi will eventually change how today’s men dress. Mckenzie Liautaud calls the change a movement to bring elegance and magnetism to a man’s appearance.
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Photos credit: www.jsqluxe.com


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