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MGA wins court battle for Bratz dolls over Mattel.


The Bratz dolls will have a restful summer with lots of new activities and celebration after their court victory win with Mattel. It’s the battle of the dolls that’s been going on for over five years. I’m not going into the lawsuit details which you can find online, however, I just want to give my opinion that this whole lawsuit probably started over Barbie’s jealousy over the Bratz’s $1 Billion success. In addition, the Bratz’s success is based on their totally different appeal for fashion, which is: ‘A Passion For Fashion’ their tagline.  Unlike Barbie, whose appeal has not changed with her tall perfect proportioned body and all-American girl look, the Bratz dolls appeal is their pouty lips, blingliscious fashions and long, thick dramatic hair. Also, they are not demure looking, their attitude is funky divas ready to take on the world, with a confident body and over the top fashion style.  With all that said, whats’ not to like about the Bratz dolls? The world has changed, especially women’s attitude about who they are, and what they represent and want to be. Now who’s a TRUE FASHIONISTA NOW?


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