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The Ha Sang Beg F/W 2011 Collection At Vancouver Fashion Week.


Ha Sang Beg’s F/W 2011 Collection presented at the recently concluded Vancouver Fashion Week is a sight  of creative imagination for fashionistas who dare.  At first glance, it seems like these models have just landed from spaceship ‘Element X’ but Beg’s inspiration reaches beyond our expectations and teases us with his unique fashion vision. He says three of the things that inspired his collection are; ‘Bandages, Tae Kwon Do uniforms, and bloody freaking cold winter weather.’  I love the use of bright candy colors that almost create a fantasy-like aesthetic to his vision and a play with bold colors to cheer you up during the gloomy days of winter.  The use of black leggings, latex and satin makes it seem so wearable fun and I hope that’s his intent because though some designers might create looks for catwalk fun, fashionistas will love those paneled dresses and I’d like to stay warm in those pants this fall.

Photos credit: Eugenio Flores


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