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Fashion is ‘hair’ and hair must be ‘free’ of all damaging factors that can cause you to look your absolute best, for those stylish and glamorous moments. 

Did you know?
  • Most blow dryers reach a top heat of about 175 degrees.
  • Flat/curling iron starts at about 200 degrees and can reach up to 450 degrees depending on brand.
hairfreé is a unique self-cleaning styling hair brush with softened bristles and an adjusting handle, that allows you to convert from a regular brush to a vent brush.  This is an incredible option because, you now have an alternative to using your brush and a blow dryer to create fabulous hairdos without a flat/curling iron.  The brushes are designed with ceramic coated plates, which makes it easy for creating styles along with your blow dryer, as the knob is ajusted to create gushes of vent while styling your hair.

Now you do have a brush that is versatile and yet affordable. hairfreé brushes are available in:

(A) a flat bristled option

Flat bristled option.
Flat bristled with ‘closed vents.’
Flat bristled with ‘opened vents.’
Sliding feature on handle to ‘open’ and ‘close’ vents on brush.

(B) a round bristled option

Round bristled option.
Round bristled option with ‘closed’ vents.
Round bristled option with ‘opened’ vents.

Feature on handle to ‘open’ and ‘close’ vents on brush.


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