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Sara Arai, Tamae Hirokawa and Motonari Ono during Lakmé Fashion Week 2011 in Mumbai, India.

Sara Arai, Tamae Hirokawa and Motonari Ono showcased their collections at a show on 11th March 2011 during Lakmé Fashion Week.  The collaboration called “Tokyoeye” is between the government-aided project that aims to create enterprising relationships and provide access to international collections to buyers from India and all over the world.
Looks from Japanese designer Araisara.
The collections presented by the Japanese designers vary greatly. The label “araisara” by designer Sara Arai. Inspired by culture, scenery, natural surroundings, and spirit of the Orient in order to express the connection between traditional culture and fashion through new eyes, “araisara” delivers through fashion, our dreams to the current world and our culture to the world of tomorrow.
A look from Japanese designer Somarta.
Designer Tamae Hirokawa of label SOMARTA is already famous for her ‘skin series’ which was based on the concept of ‘the possibilities of apparel for a body’. Hirokawa’s body of work to date is amazing and a star on her own. She was formally trained by Issey Misake, so imagine the fashion visions she has in her head.
A look from Japanese designer Motonari Ono.
Motonari Ono designs costumes for many artists in Japan and works as a professional illustrator and anime for magazines, advertisements and others. His creations are elegant and uses originally created lace as his signature.
Photos credit: Tandem Communications


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