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As Spring arrives, TFNOW continues to get you ready with facial potions and hair trends but don’t you dare forget those lips.  Even as winter passes, our lips may be frosty chapped but when the sun arrives in the Spring and Summer our worries are not over for lip care.  “LIPSTOCK CREAM” is a lip conditioner that constantly will be living with you, delivering concentrated healing to your lips and bearing resemblance to your contemporary lifestyle. Taking the best of what nature provides us, combining ingredients in a formulation edited to feel luxurious, gratifying and indulgent − especially in a time when we need it most.  LIPSTOCKTM CREAM is handmade fresh with a soft blend of 13 natural and organically grown ingredients, including watermelon seed oil, organic shea butter, green tea antioxidants and vitamin E.  It provides on-the-spot pampering with a smooth, creamy texture and a satin finish, resulting in a rich application of lasting, balanced care for the delicate skin of the lips.


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