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Business Fashion Brands Picking Up Pace In Their Ads Using QR Codes

Fashion is business and as I was flipping through my latest issue of New York Magazine, I noticed the inside front page print ad space, dominated by Macy’s new ‘Backstage Pass’ a blog post I wrote about two weeks ago.  The ads are dominant with a three page fold out and one page with the QR code with no surprise here because it can also be seen on television during prime time slots.  Though both beauty and fashion businesses Sephora and Bloomingdales have been listing QR codes on their ads for some time now, it seems Macy’s is among the first in trying to take it mainstream.
QR codes have been around for a while but getting participants to become engaged in this form of social media interaction is what might be challenging.  There are many other business brands picking up on the trend but fashion is what this blog is about, so I have listed a few here to try out for yourself.  It’s fun, but at first even I myself thought it’s faster for me to just type the address in my browser but once you try it a few times you will like it and get the hang of it, to probably want to use it when you see codes from other brands.
The ads I’ve listed are the ones that follow the Macy’s ‘Backstage Pass’ print ad in the latest New York Magazine because it looks like other fashion brands are following suit to at least being perceived to being a part of social media. Its makes absolute business sense to be involved because there is an opportunity for it to peak if a major fashion brand invests with ads utilising the codes.  My opinion is that a fashion brand that does so, will run away with the strong social media credibility as being in the fore-front with something techy cool for their customers though it’s been around for some time, if it peaks for them. I flipped through the latest issue of VOGUE and there was not one beauty ad with QR code, so go figure. 

Bloomingdales ‘Scarved’ ad QR code

Sephora HD Foundation ad QR code.
(This link requires flash for mobile phones when I tested it.)


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