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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Hair & Face at the 2011 Oscars

Hair is sculpted and sleek or messy and tousled

Reese Witherspoon in 60’s inspired hairdo.  Photo credit: Darren Decker
Anne Hathaway is not fussy with her hair but not really.  Photo credit: Darren Decker
Natalie Portman is sideswept. Photo credit Darren Decker
Scarlet Johansen is blunt with her hair.  Photo credit: Darren Decker
Amy Adam gives no nonsense hair.  Photo credit: Darren Decker

The Eyes Have It

Jennifer Hudson has dreamy eyes with winged liquid liner.  Photo credit:  Darren Decker

Halle Berry is smoking hot with shadowed eyes.  Photo credit: Darren Decker
Mila Kunis is no white swan with her shadowed eyes either.  Photo credit:  Daren Decker
Sandra Bullock is stands out in playful red lips.  Photo credit: Darren Decker
Mandy Moore is alluring in her punchy lip color.  Photo credit: Darren Decker


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