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Academy Awards 2011 Fashion Hot Topic – Where were the True Fashionistas Now?

Mila Kunis in Eli Saab Haute Couture at Oscars 2011.  Photo credit: http://www.justjared.buzznet.com/
It pains me to discuss ‘lace frocks’ at this year Academy Awards as a look that almost reminded me of an era long gone by in the history of fashion.  I was so excited to see the red carpet fashion arrivals at the 2011 Oscars but as I looked at the preview shows and even planned to tweet with my fashionistas, I wondered where were the ‘True Fashionistas Now’.  I must admit I already loved Mila Kunis lavender Eli Saab Haute Couture look as she arrived on the carpet but thought that it’ll easily be upstaged later on by some starlet with a look that is out of this world.  By the end of the night and even up to today’s fashion reports, it seems that Mila Kunis’s look might possibly be the hit of the night, even as The Washington Post reports today that, “This year’s crop of gowns failed to produce even one buzzy fashion trend.”
Don’t get me wrong, I liked all the other looks last night, like Anne Hatthaway’a eight gown changes throughout the show that included archival Valentino, Giorgio Armani Prive and Versace.  In addition there were lots of red gowns as a color trend as well as lots of high calibre selections like Cate Blanchette’s Givenchy Haute Couture and Nicole Kidman’s Christian Dior Haute Couture but it just didn’t translate well, though I’m sure their high paid stylists were well intentioned during their weeks of preparation. I am sure a lot of the looks were stunning up close but where was the fashion innovation without leaving everything to a stylist.  I will never forget Sharon Stone’s fashion innovative look at the 1996 Academy when she paired a charcoal turtleneck with a Valentino trumpet skirt which “. . . screamed cool and elegance” according to People magazine. Then again at the 1999 Oscars when she again paired a white men’s Gap shirt with a lavender Vera Wang ball skirt which exemplified personal style, fashion and super stardom. 
Fashion should be fun and exciting and reinterpreted using your own style, to making it your own hence one of the reasons why I liked Mila Kunis’s gown last night. As you saw, there were other lacey gowns for the night, like Scarlett Johanssons’s plum colored Dolce and Gabanna gown to Melissa Leo’s Marc Bouwer’s beige and gold lace gown which looked nothing like their personalities of the night, unless you are trying to look like an old and prudish woman, which is how lace is usually associated, then I guess so.  Mila Kunis’s gown choice unknowingly represents, age appropriate, reinterpretated fashion, new, sexy and stylish which makes her a  True Fashionista Now. Are you a true fashionista now?

Melissa Leo (2011 Academy Award winner for Best Supporting actress)
 in Marc Bouwer at Oscars 2011.  Photo credit: http://www.gossippond.com/

Scarlett Johansson in Dolce and Gabanna.  Photo credit: http://www.justjared.buzznet.com/


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