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The Nolcha Fashion Lounge F/W11 – A Destination for True Fashionistas Now during New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week under the tents at the Lincoln Center was not the only place for high calibre designers and artists to provide new styles and looks for the coming season. The ‘Nolcha Fashion Lounge’ just a few steps away at the rooftop of the Empire Hotel, was the ultimate destination for fashionistas to preview and discover a world of talent that comprised of fashion, jewelry, handbags, custom one of a kind bow ties and sport bras that are unbelievably multi-functional. Jessie Zaino, celebrity stylist of “VHI’ and “Glamour.com” fame, was present to give personalized guided tours to guests with courteous and in depth knowledge of many of the designers and items that were being showcased.

Call it a pop-up shop if you like, but these emerging designers are passionate about their collections and brands. For example, I was very impressed by Rudy Wolff, a Norwegian/Dutch designer who was previewing her F/W11 collection titled “Dark Dawn”. It’s a collection inspired by the darkness of the “. . . . Byzantine empire, Romanov aesthetics, (and) Victorian fin du siecle, . . . .” Each piece in her collection, is one of a kind and very avant garde but whose craftsmanship is very strong, and probably deserves a showing of its own across the Lincoln Center. But don’t count her out, because Wolff is presenting her collection at the end of February in Georgetown, Washington, DC and she even invited me to the show.
It is an experience like this that is unique and which makes the ‘Nolcha Fashion Lounge’ an event to look forward to during New York Fashion Week. There were many other very talented designers and artists that I would love to go into detail about, because I talked to many of them at this event and they are all excellent, but I plan to feature forthcoming stories about their individual brands. Other fashionable items, were bow ties designed with leather and a section of cocktail dresses designed with eco-friendly fabrics, making this event something that I will be looking forward next fashion season, to ensure True Fashionistas are well informed of talent they might not have heard about from the pages of Vogue, ELLE or Harper’s BAZAAR. In case you felt your beauty being faded during your visit, ‘The Beauty Oasis’ was waiting for you to be pampered, with makeup retouches or a hair fix, which was provided by Paul Mitchell, or nails and lashes by Kiss.
Fashion is a business, and one aspect of this model of business for new experiences for fashionistas, is the inclusion of eco/sustainable materials used. This inclusion demonstrates that fashion can be glamorous and fun while still being environmentally responsible. ‘Show Me Your Mumu’ a collection that comprises of mumus (loose fitting dresses for women) and tote bags, is another excellent brand with proceeds that give back to Kenya and another fine example of promoting fashion humanitarianism. Bodyrock Sport, another amazing label whose presentation I attended last fall at the Chelsea Piers, continues to make it’s strong fashion presence felt, with sport bras that are simply amazing in terms of multifunction, style and financial value. Please check out all these exciting collections and their brands, to see the fashion excitement that I am talking about. I have listed them separately below with their direct links.

The scene at ‘Nolcha Fashion Lounge’ at The Empire Hotel

Check out these fabulous brands for all the fashion excitement



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