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INAISCE F/W 2011-12 Collection (Ashen Tundra~Frozen Roads)

When I arrived for the presentation of Inaisce’s F/W11-12 Collection, I entered a room filled with models tranced in a mood of a frozen time zone. The suddenness of this mood, is exactly what Jona wants to evoke in his fourth collection of garments and looks that takes us to the . . . ‘frontlines of the struggle between man and his environs’. The color tones of blacks and grays but mostly icy looking grays, surely makes us feel very chilly, of things to come this fall in Inaisce’s world. Distressed sheepskins, microsuedes, black wools, calfskin highlander boots and an elfskin flight jacket are fabrics used to create a world of looks to cover our feeble flesh. Thanks to make-up by Alexandra Kwiatowski of frosty lips or matte flesh tone pinks, or else one would really believe that this was a flight, to the set of ‘Atanarjaut – Part 2’. Check out the looks and lets hear which ones are your favorites.



  1. Jen February 17, 2011 Reply

    love this! great images

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