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Parkchoonmoo A/W 2011 Collection

Parkchoonmoo for A/W 2011 was ‘out of this world’ and the designs and visions of what creativity and fashion should be all about. The future of fashion lives and if one can dream it, one can create it, but it is the skills of bringing it to life with the detail and energy, is where Choonmoo Park’s greatness lies. This designer is a genius in what she does because she is seasoned from since the late 80’s. She majored in industrial design at Hong Ik University and studied fashion design at Kookje Fashion School. Each piece is like a moving momument or work of art that has life and never to be peirced. The color used to create the aesthetic is amazing and to me, gives it the tone and mood of a world of its’ own. Park’s inspriation in the rawness of rough soils and uncut gemstones, found even more inspiration in natural minerals, connecting with sacred earth is also evident in the collection, with the shapes and silhouettes. When each look drifts past, you never want it to go away because you want to stare and even touch if you can, but you are mesmerized by another look that comes along, and just takes your awe to another phase, as you are caught in trance with the entire collection. I have been reading and looking at fashion magazines since I was a little boy and those who know me, will know that I am not lying when I write this. I am in tears of admiration because fashion becomes art when it is created by the right artist who is passionate about what they do, and know that there are fashion fans who gets it. I should really be reviewing this collection with typical fashion descriptions but I know fans who also love fashion like I do, will understand because this collection is not typical. Don’t get me wrong, Coco Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint Laurent, Michael Kors, Vera Wang or Marc Jacobs; I love my classics but I love innovation and avant garde fashions too. I can go on but I have to work on other show reviews and write-ups BUT Park, you are a genius, period.

Note to my fashion blog fans: These photos don’t do justice to the collection because I had to stop and look at the show. I will try to get photos and repost when I get it.



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