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Verlaine’s spring summer 2011 collection preview is a stunning return to the excitement of what fashion should be all about, in regards to creativity and esthetics. Javier Garcia and Vaughn Alexander of VERLAINE has almost mastered the art of fabric draping, in their quest for their final draped dress creations. One look at the first flowing gown that came down the runway, at their fashion week showing, might remind any serious fashion fan that this duo is serious about what they are doing. Yojhi Yamomoto or even the early years of Calvin Klein’s minimalist vision of high end fashion, comes to mind when you you look at some of the draped gowns. What really sets this collection apart and to be reckoned with the fashion world, is the esthetics of the dark or almost all black collection. The outfits of black and grey fabrics, which almost look like light tie-dyed silk, is the creative esthetic and sets the mood and tone for their collection. This is truly an accomplishment for them because black is never boring nor out of vogue and certainly connects with fashionistas with a busy social calender and will be must have pieces. Also, one piece that stands out from the collection, is a black meshed fabric that can almost only be used for under a garment in theater costume design. It is because of this meshed dress, that I believe VERLAINE is here to stay because it does not come across as some last minute bold ambition to justify a lofty creative vision. Rather, it communicates a sense of fashion innovation with their use of non conventional fabric. I believe we’ll be hearing much more from this duo in the near future, and we look forward to their future collections.



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