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Ceola featuring Blynk is stunning, exciting & daring

After a few days of New York fashion shows of sheath dresses, capris and blouses, spring is really in the air for the Ceola featuring Blynk 2011 spring collection with bathing suits and airy ponchos. One of the reason I like smaller scale fashion shows is because I believe the designers and their fans are genuinely proud of every single piece of garment you see on the runway. Not that bigger shows and designers aren’t but the Ceola featuring Blynk show was veRy intimate and the quality of each piece is very superior and well edited for the presentation. I couldn’t tell which piece for each garment was whose whether it was Imani Alexander of Ceola or Dominique Sade of Blynk whom I met after the show and were both wonderful to speak to. But it didn’t matter because the garments complemented each other. For example a beautiful bikini and bra was paired up with a beautiful silk poncho which to me stood out in the show. I especially love the poncho for its vibrant color and fabric usage to demonstrate a new sexiness for dressing up at the beach or private resort. Another example is a daring purple cowl-necked bathing suit which was just as beautiful as the model wearing it. The overall color splashes in the collection really gave a glimpse of how beach or poolside fashionistas can reveal their bold persona, come spring 2011. The jewelry selection for each look was carefully selected so as not to overpower each piece. However, a chained earring which comprised of a strand of links from ear to ear that dangled below the model’s chin almost touching her abdomen was interesting to see. And this is exactly the kind of risk that Ceola featuring Blynk took and which paid off well, to make their Spring 2011 collection, one that is stunning, exciting and daring.


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